Hi, I’m Tanya.

I have a passion for all things visual, with a particular love for graphic design and interior design.

My early years were spent working with top-producing Realtors, helping to design and sell condominium projects and single-family homes. Extending from that experience, I began to use my natural instincts for color and design to help clients design their own homes and decorate their personal spaces.

Once we started homeschooling our children I began studying graphic design, and in 2009, I transitioned my love of color and placement to building websites and creating marketing materials for small businesses, non-profits, and churches.

Somewhere along the way I discovered that I wanted to keep a foot in both worlds.

Both graphic design and interior design require a similar skill set, including a keen eye for design, an understanding of visual aesthetics, and the creativity to merge various elements into a cohesive whole.

One of the perks is that I now have clients who span both fields, allowing me the privilege of working with them repeatedly!

How it started.

I spent my senior year of high school selling real estate to empty nesters between classes. I LOVED it. Chatting with people that had so much life experience changed my entire outlook. I learned not to take anything for granted and to make the most of everyday.

Be useful. Be purposeful. Help anyone that asks. Say yes to fun! And never delay spending time with those you find interesting.

How it’s going.

I love making things look great. Not just good, but great. And it doesn’t matter if it’s graphic design, interior design, organizing, clothes, cooking, or gardening. I love it all! My natural instinct for design and years of saying yes to opportunity has really paid off.

If you are looking for someone that offers problem solving solutions and thinks outside the box for your next project, drop me a line and I’ll get right back with you.