home styling + organizing

We all crave calm, well-functioning homes that look beautiful and reflect the people that live there. From renovations to furniture arrangements, Tanya helps homeowners create comfortable, elegant, practical home interiors that are true to the space.


Decorating is a collaborative effort.

Helping you find your authentic style and transform your home into a beautifully curated, well-organized space that reflects your family and your budget.


“Don’t put things down, put them away.”

Home offices, kitchens, kid’s rooms, and storage spaces can get out-of-hand quickly.

We help you de-clutter and put systems in place that will keep visual clutter out of your eye line and create a peaceful home.


Buyers decide which houses to look at based on listing photos.

You are a big part of how much your house sells for!

Most buyers are able to tell in just 5 to 10 minutes if the house is right for them.

Creating a house that is welcoming and flows well is essential to getting top dollar for your property.

Furniture placement, choosing paint colors, problem solving pain points. These are a few of my favorite things.