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A great logo creates identity.

Branding simply means having a constant “look” with anything visual. This means using the same logo, similar phrases, tag lines, colors, and overall concept in everything people see.

See how our clients incorporate this concept into their marketing.



  The more people see your business's name, the more familiar it becomes

And people trust what is familiar

This is a great example of a branding campaign that reinforces a company's identity and repeats a core message.


Escapes Inc

Escapes Inc. is a leading landscape design firm in Calgary that specializes in luxury country estates. They needed a unique, eco-friendy looking logo with earthy colors, and a tagline that speaks to their mission.

We expanded their branding to include t-shirts, lawn signs, business cards, mobile and print advertising. There is a huge marketing push every spring and their business has grown extensively from the exposure.


The Warriors Guild Martial Arts dojo (est. 2002) started out only needing a website, which we happily provided. As the need arose, we found ourselves helping with their social media profile, various ads, and even their annual photo shoot. So, as their tenth anniversary approached, we were honored to re-create their logo with a little something special to celebrate.

Victory Baptist Church

VBC is an excellent example of how branding can work. We updated their logo and website and created several pieces of marketing using the same basic format.

They have a weekly bulletin, t-shirts, business cards, exterior sign, powerpoint slides and a free desktop all with the new logo and colors. The branding carries through to all new materials as they are required.

The American Coal Council

The American Coal Council (ACC) is a non-profit trade association that is based in Washington, DC. The ACC originally asked us to update their promotional materials, which included their logo, business cards, and note cards – to be sent with other promotional materials. They also asked us to create a special logo to help celebrate their 30th Anniversary. Since then, we have expanded our work with the ACC to include new postcards, banner ads, rotators, another anniversary logo, powerpoint presentations, event logos for the events and conferences they hold throughout the year.